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Raising finance is never a problem

Grants, Equity Finance, R&D tax credits:

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What we do 

We help growing businesses to:

Develop new products and services

At Genesis we accompany you through the entire process of product development.


Obtain finance

Small dynamic business like yours are entitled to various grants and tax credits: we help you get them.


Manage operations

To maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace we ensure you have the best systems and procedures in place.

Our Approach

 We keep it simple

Making sure



uncovers its 

full potential

Government contractor

We have a long history of securing grants from the government, having had exclusive rights over four main development programmes, creating growth and jobs across the nation. 

Genesis Innovations Ltd is a dynamic business consultancy practice which specializes in helping high growth SMEs and new business start-ups. 

We provide hands on business support that enables clients to create cutting edge products, processes and services that result in innovative, successful and fast growing businesses.

We have created Awards Winners , including the best business created in England under government funded business programmes.

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Arun Luther - Director

Arun Luther Genesis

Latest Projects

In addition to its traditional consultancy work, Genesis is now exploring new avenues for growth within numerous technology-based industries. This is an exciting time for the company as we hope our expertise in problem solving and our passion for idea-generation can lead us to bring disruptive innovations into the market. Not only can this make us more competitive, it will help us better understand our clients by being in their shoes.

Genesis is currently working towards the development of a novel recycling process using a combination of techniques unheard of  in the industry, in which heat and fluid dynamics are used to clean and separate plastic waste simultaneously, thus increasing the overall energy-efficiency of the process. This project will engage academics and machine manufacturers and the company is open to partnerships to take the project forward and bring it to commercialisation.

The managing director of the company has a strong track-record of working with plastics and is excited to step up to the challenge of the plastic waste mountain by innovating  within that sector.

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The experts in problem-solving and obtaining finance for growing businesses.