Investment Grants

If your planning to invest in equipment, new product development or improve business management processes and your project will create/safeguard jobs, there are regional grants of up to 30% - 50% of the total expenditure.

The grants invariably involve providing

  • Development plan
  • Justification
    • why you need the support
    • why you cannot fund it from internal resources
  • Impact on
    • Local economy
    • Regional economy
  • Risk-analysis
  • Financial plan to demonstrate the funding
    • Short-fall
    • ROI
  • etc.....

Genesis have extensive experience and knowledge to guide companies through the application process and the post-grant award information/reporting requirements.

So if you have a project that you are looking to invest in, we can investigate what grant(s) your business sector is eligible for and what grants are available in your local area. We can help maximise the amount of finance you are require.