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We are a small but fast growing team, combining years of experience with fresh dynamism. We love working with people who share the same passion as we do for innovation.

Arun Luther


My Story

Hi. My name is Arun Luther. I did my schooling in Nairobi and went to Oxford Brookes University to study Finance and Accounting. My early career was in software development where I worked on various projects, one of which was designing the computerisation of the operations of Jubilee Ltd, the largest life insurance company in east Africa. These experiences were exciting but I felt like I needed something more challenging, so I left all this behind to start my own business in Nautica Ltd, a reinforced plastics manufacturing company which designed a wide variety of industrial and commercial products.

This venture was based solely on my passion to start a manufacturing company. I designed and made various products including small boats, furniture, sanitary-ware, car bodies and accessories. My highlight during that time was redesigning the cooling for a Leyland train truck to enable operations in equatorial climate and extend travelling time. My business quickly became successful and I sold it to a trade buyer.

I then returned to the UK to do a Masters degree in Finance and Innovation Management at the University of Manchester, and on completion I started my career in management consultancy with Deloitte in Kenya. During that time, I was a consultant for major private and public-sector clients, such as Fiat, USAID, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. I successfully raised $200m with the latter, while working on a project which seeked to double the production capacity of a paper plant.

I moved to the UK and continued my career in consultancy for another 10 years, working for various renowned companies. After that I decided to start my own professional service practice, and founded Genesis Management Consultant Ltd. At its peak, my firm held the major business support across England and Wales (outside the south east). Genesis also held the West Midlands entrepreneurship “Mustard” programme for 15 years. Thanks to that impressive track record I became the leading contractor of the West Midlands Entrepreneurship Programmes.

I closed the company due to government re-organisation of delivery of business support, but quickly bounced back to reinstate it under the name of Genesis Innovations. My determination paid off and further success came through as I won the Signature Award for Excellence in Finance in 2017.

I also have a broad range of teaching and training experience, from being a visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University to delivering the Director Development Programme to CEOs of various companies.

Over the years, I have supported, launched and helped to grow over 500 businesses across all industry sectors and has assisted client companies to create and safeguard over 2,000 jobs.

Arun Luther has raised over £200m from commercial clients and public-sector organisations.

Winner - Excellence in Finance @ Signature Awards 2017

Finalist- Businessman of the Year @ Jewel Awards

Finalist -Fastest Growing Business of the Year @ Natwest Regional Awards

Arun's Q&A

What is your greatest achivement with Genesis?

I would say my greatest achievement with Genesis so far was the project I had with MHL Support Ltd. I supported a two man start-up to raise EFG and Equity finance of £750k. The company grew to £5m sales, with £1m profit and employing 150 staff. Eventually, it was sold to Bibby Group in an undisclosed multi-million trade sale. 

What are your main hobbies?

When I was younger my passion was biking. I used to race off on my motorcycle across Kenya, and I participated in many national championships. Nowadays, I am currently learning to be a pilot. These hobbies have really given me the drive and desire to succeed and have made me the person I am today. 

Where will you take your next client for a business trip?

Once I am a fully trained pilot, I'll take him or her to Monaco for the afternoon! But don't worry, I'll have a professional pilot at my side.

What advice would you give to people out there who have a business idea but don't know where to start?

If you have a cracking idea, money is not the problem!

Ibrahim Khatib

Technology Consultant

Ibrahim has substantial experience in automating business processes delivering measurable benefits to an organisation. He is very comfortable dealing with multiple sponsors often with conflicting requirements. Ibrahim is also able to work in an agile environment and understand the importance of meeting key milestones dates. Fast learner capable of evaluating competing technological solutions.

George Kattapurum

Technology Consultant

George is an enterprising leader with abilities to manage large complex projects for the organisation, in addition to providing skilled expertise in Business ChangeService Management, Infrastructure and Business Continuity.  A proven track record in managing projects to agreed scope, providing quality deliverables on time and within budget. He has the ability to work with senior management to agree on realistic project milestones and deliveries while motivating teams to achieve stakeholders’ goals.  Prince 2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) qualified.