Genesis Innovations provides hands on support to entrepreneurs, helping them to rapidly grow their business. We offer bespoke one to one consultancy, during which we seek to resolve unique issues facing prospective businesses Each client we encounter has a set of individual requirements and faces a number of obstacles specific to their circumstances. At Genesis, we take on the role of independent evaluator. We scrutinize every business proposition to determine its feasibility and provide the hands on support that is required to take the project forward. In helping new and young businesses to establish and grow, we do not see our role as simply advisers who tell people how to solve their problems. Instead, we work with the client to bring the strategies into execution. Whilst giving depth of support, we also have the breadth of skills within our team to respond to all client requirements. Through our work with new, young and established businesses, we have been able to identify the key obstacles that they face and have designed a business support offering which removes these barriers and provides solutions to enable these businesses to thrive. Genesis has an in-depth understanding of the various sources of finance that can be accessed by new and growing companies and has enviable record of successfully raising finance for clients. We have close relationships with financiers, including Business Angels, Venture Capitalist and Commercial Banks.