We provide personalised support and offer tailored services to your business needs

From inception to market sales, Genesis ensures that you are carrying the processes that can make your business flourish.

In helping new and young businesses enter the market, we do not see our role simply as advisers who tell people how to solve their problems; instead, we work with clients to bring their strategies into execution. Whilst giving depth of support, we also have the breadth of skills within our team to respond to all client requirements.

Through our work with both growing and established companies, we have been able to identify the key obstacles businesses face and have designed a unique support offering which removes barriers and provides solutions for success.

Product Development

We conduct extensive market surveys to determine if there is demand for your product

We provide personalised market research to better understand the dynamics of your industry.

We solve your pre-launch business problems and enhance your innovations.


Raising Finance

We assist you in writing your grant applications to increase your chances of success. 

We write strong business plan to match your funding and attract investment for all your innovations. 

We enhance your R&D tax credit claim so that you can get as much money back and keep on spending.


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New Product Development

Genesis Innovations understands the special needs of new firms and can provide the best professional advice to steer your business away from potential difficulties.

We help transform your business idea from a good proposition into a successful product by providing you with a complete service. Our experienced consultants have a breadth of specialist knowledge in areas including law, accounts and marketing. We can:

✓ Protect your intellectual property

✓ Research market potential

✓ Develop product prototypes

✓ Maximise product performance

Business Planning

We help clients develop a clear vision for growth and create an investment ready business plan.

A business plan is a very important document that outlines company objectives and provides direction and vision for future development. The business plan can fulfil many other purposes such as a planning tool used to organise resources, to set targets and benchmark progress, define strategy and to motivate staff and management.

The general purpose of preparing a business plan is to raise finance. Our consultants have an excellent understanding of the business planning process and considerable experience of writing business plans to suit the need of management and third parties.

Business plans are prepared using our uniquely developed format and are adapted to each individual business proposition as necessary. The business plans we prepare are comprehensive documents which present a clear picture of the future direction of the business.


Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the process by which investors obtain an independent appraisal of your business.

The scope of the work required is always determined in conjunction with the client. The client may want the review to be limited to a number of areas, dealing with other key areas themselves, or may ask us to conduct a full scope review, providing an in-depth analysis of the business.

Due Diligence is not simply an audit. It looks forward with the business, not only at the historical financial information. Typically, it will involve the review of the auditors' and the advisers’ files, the analysis of information provided by the management team and the gathering of independent evidence such as market research reports. The due diligence process could also include review of the audit of completion accounts, drawn up to the date the deals are completed.

Under our structured approach, we make sure that we clearly understand the client's requirements and concentrate on key issues whilst remaining responsive to any changes. This allows for effective monitoring of the due diligence process, minimizes costs on assignments and ensures no time is diverted by any factual misunderstandings.

Operations Management

To maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace we can help ensure you have the best systems and procedures in place.

Effective operations management is vital to ensure that the business is operating in an efficient and effective way, thus maximising profitability and market opportunity.

To maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace we can help ensure you have the best systems and procedures in place for the production of goods and services: we offer support in ensuring that the correct control mechanisms are in place to maximise resource utilisation, and that the resources and facilities are organised to ensure the effective and efficient production of goods and services.


For companies to expand in increasingly competitive markets, they require a clear understanding and insight into the dynamics of their customers and their industry.

A key requirement for new businesses is sales generation and our support focuses on developing methodologies to achieve this rather than longer-term marketing strategies. We provide clients with a better understanding of their market and customers, and market research tailored to meet each client’s requirements, which includes:

✓ Market surveys of existing and potential customers

✓ Research of secondary sources including published literature and the internet

✓ Product lines and product lifecycles

✓ Market segmentation

✓ Sales analysis and demand forecasting

✓ Sales and marketing planning

✓ Sales management

  • Be confident that you already have projects and products that you have invested time and money in and these can all attract financial support.


  • We speak your technology language, intimately understanding growth challenges and aspirations. Importantly we know the exact language to speak to secure external funders and financiers support.


  • The key for you is to demonstrate to investors and lenders that you are developing a unique product that is meeting a market demand or contributing to the greater welfare. Our job in return is to use the skills we have to pull that out for you and present coherent and solid cases for funding.

Let us help you maximise the financial support for all your innovative projects, past, present and future.

At Genesis we specialise in finding the right resources for your projects, whether they come in grants, R&D tax credits or other forms.

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